From our Family to yours


The Story of BLAZING DEER™


While attending college in Omaha, Nebraska, the Arizona born and raised William “Bill” Deer felt homesick for the warmth and flavors of the wonderful salsa from his home state. His attempts to buy what was available were horribly disappointing. Bill did what any resourceful person would do. He got the stuff to make his own! Right away he knew he was on to something special. After only a few batches, he found that his fraternity brothers were sneaking into his room and eating all his salsa. In order to stop the massive loss of his connection to home, he did what any good Arizona boy would do, and added increasingly hot peppers, and even habaneros to the mix; which worked beautifully. And voila! Medium and hot salsa were born.

Over the years Bill caringly worked on his mixtures of ingredients to find the perfect medley of flavors. During that time, he met a woman that he somehow loved more than his salsa. But she came with one large piece of baggage. She can’t handle heat. How was he to share his wonderful salsa with the woman he loved? And that is how mild was born.

As time went on Bill made salsa for his friends, for family, and finally for his co-workers as motivation for a job well done. One day, after he had made salsa for a co-worker, he was surprised to find that the co-worker filled a cup with salsa and just drank it straight. His co-workers wanted his salsa so much that they wanted to buy it. After numerous requests, and the occasional weekend batch to satisfy friends, Bill felt the gentle nudge of destiny. He should share his salsa’s goodness with the whole world. The process wasn’t easy but along the way, with the help of friends, family, and some wonderful mentors, the salsa business came alive.

Further talks with the kindred heat-loving spirit resulted in the suggestion to add ghost pepper to the salsa. Bill’s own heat seeking desires flew high, but how? This was a wonderful idea that needed to be fulfilled. As he continued to grow the business, he discovered a source. And by design, he struck a fine balance between the flavor of the salsa, and these last and greatest peppers. With this beautiful balance, and only one test, nuclear came into the world. And Bill brought the collection together as the Blazing Deer Salsa Company.

Now that you know the story of how the four flavors came into being, why not complete the story and try them yourself. Salsa makes people happy!


Melanie Deer, Treasurer 


What makes it special

 BLAZING DEER™  artisan salsas were  developed over ten years of trial and tastings by our founder, Bill  Deer. Requests from our friends for more prompted us to share our family  creation with the world. Our salsas are made from the freshest and most  locally available ingredients. They have been carefully prepared, by  hand, in over 20 separate steps in a sanitary clean FDA inspected  facility by craftsmen in the art of salsa making. There are no  artificial ingredients added—no added sugar, no MSG, no artificial  flavors, colors, or preservatives. Just pure ingredients that you can  see in the bottle. Our salsas are low in calories, with only 10 calories  per serving. In putting our family name on these artisanal salsas, we  send them to you with our guarantee of quality. Salsa makes people  happy! Enjoy.  


Our Mission...

Is to spread the American Southwest culture and bring friends and family together through salsa at a welcoming price.